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Amaizng is a unique combination derived from organic substances. Amaizng is a tailor made product specific to hybrid maize developed by our R&D. Amaizng is specially developed as a soil application product to give a balanced nutritional supplement for your maize crop. Amaizng complements with your maize crop from germination to harvest.


  • Amaizng applied maize germinates faster and uniformly
  • Ensures optimum root development and improves microbial activity in the root zone
  • Applied maize exhibits uniform and vigorous growth
  • Improves the photosynthesis of maize crop
  • Makes readily available the essential nutrient to maize, hence ensures better nutrient use efficiency
  • Aids in protein building in maize
  • Helps maize crop to withstand low air temperature during winter, ensures proper seed setting
  • Helps in timely and uniform silking and tasseling
  • Maintains the fertility of the soil
  • Increases the maize farmers profit by 20-30%
  1. Sowing Tome - apply 5kg/acre of Amaizng Granules along with the seeds.
  2. Top dressing - apply Amaizng Granules along with fertilizers during first top dressing.