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Humic Acid Formulations

Humitop - G  


HUMITOP-G   is an exclusively formulated Humic acid based plant growth promoter for all crops. It hosts various essential plant hormones, enzymes and vitamins which promote bud initiation, flush advancement and faster shoot growth, flowering and fruit setting. When applied to the plants,  HUMITOP improves metabolic activity  and facilitates nutrient uptake by plant. It further enhances all biological synthesis in  the plant system and  plays vital role in formation of various Amino acid and Proteins which is essential for new cell formation and multiplication.

How it Helps

  • Ensure the most efficient utilization of water and nutrient by plants
  • Promote vigorous and healthy shoots
  • Increases flowering  and fruit ing
  • Increases root formation and root respiration..
  • Imparts stress tolerance in all crops.
  • Increases yield and improve quality of the produce

Recommended Application Rates:

Humitop is recommended for all field crops, Horticultural crops and Plantation crops. Application rate is 5-8 Kg per acre based on crop stage.