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Humic Acid Formulations

Humitop is a Bio-Stimulant. It increases the hormonal and enzymatic activity of the plant system. Humitop plays vital role in plant metabolism. It contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins and auxins, which are very essential for growth of the plants.


Advantages of HUMITOP

  • Increases the photosynthetic activity in plant systems and helps in vigorous plant growth
  • It increases the nutrient uptake of the plants
  • No residual effect on soil, water, plants and ecosystem
  • Safe to predators, parasites, non-target organisms, beneficial insects and animals.
  • Helps in flower initiation, flowering and fruit formation
  • It prevents flower and fruit shedding
  • It improves the quality of the produce in terms of colour, size, shape and weight
  • It increases the crop yield
  • Humitop can be used in all crops like Rice, Wheat, Cotton, Groundnut, Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers and major plantation crops