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Demite: for controlling Mites  

DEMITE is an extract from herbs which displays anti-mite properties against several species of mites. BIO-PESTICIDES.
Features of DEMITE : Eco-friendly broad spectrum anti-mite properties against many species like: Red spider mite, Scarlet mite, Purple mite, Two spotted mite etc.

  • It acts as repellent for mites
  • Affects the reproductive system of mites which prevents further population build-up of mites
  • Suitable for incorporation in IPM programs
  • No residual toxicity and it can be used until even before harvest
  • Zero level of phyto-toxicity
  • No harmful effects on mammals, humans and beneficial organisms like predatory mites, parasites, pollinators
  • Infected plants give equivalent fruit and yield as the healthy ones
  • Effectively controls mite for a period of 10-12 days
  • Further spread of mites is checked
  • The produce is marketable even if the plant is sprayed before harvest
  • Compatible with all pesticides and biostimulants.

Ingredients of DEMITE : Some of the herbs used are as follows: Acorus calamus, Leuca scephalotes, Piper nigrum, Plumbago zeylanica etc.

Dosage: Spray @ 4-5 ml/lit of water. For best results, spray should be done on both sides of the leaves.

Target Crops : Cotton, Brinjal, Tomato, Potato, Okra, Chillies, Pulses, Coconut, Pepper, Tea, Coffee, Castor, Sesame, Sapota, Coriander, Cucurbits, Cole, Opium, Papaya, Tobacco, Soya bean, Flowers, Fruits like Grapes, Strawberry, Mango etc and other Mite infected crops.