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Herbal Pesticides

Descide: for controlling fugal diseases of crops.  

DESCIDE is a herbal extract of herbs which display and possess anti-fungal properties and thus it is used as a broad spectrum fungicide against many fungal diseases like Anthracnose, Downy and Powdery Mildew, Leaf spots, Fruit Rot and others.

Features & Advantages : Eco-friendly broad spectrum anti-fungal properties against many fungal diseases like: Early blight, Late blight, Anthracnose etc.

  • Suitable for incorporation in IPM programs
  • No residual toxicity,
  • and it can be used until even before harvest
  • No phytotoxicity
  • No harmful effects on mammals, humans and beneficial organisms like predatory mites, parasites, pollinators
  • Creates tolerance limit in plant itself thus limiting the growth of fungus hyphae
  • Effectively controls range of fungal diseases
  • Compatible with all pesticides and bio-stimulants.

Ingredients : Some of the herbs used in making are as follows: Bitter Oak, Bitter Ivy etc.

Dosage : Spray DESCIDE @ 4 ml/lt of water. In case of severe attack of fungus, it can be mixed with recommended fungicide (contact/systemic) at the half of its dose. Repeat spray after 7-8 days, or as and when needed. For best results, DECIDE should be sprayed before the onset of fungal for preventive and curative action.

Target Crops: Groundnut, Cotton, Tomato, Brinjal, Potato, Okra, Chillies, Pulses, Pepper, Tea, Coffee, Banana, Cucurbits, Cole, Opium, Papaya, Tobacco, Soya bean, Flowers, Wheat, Paddy, Fruits like Grapes, Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango etc and other fungus infected crops.